Gatorade came to Studio@Gawker to promote their #WinFromWithin contest, which encouraged followers to exemplify what that powerful sentiment meant by uploading photos of their athletic achievements to, and generating their own personalized Gatorade bottle labels.

To promote the contest and position Gatorade at the center of the story, Studio@Gawker created a 2-part original series that honed in on Deadspin readers’ enthusiasm, engagement, and emotional connection with their sports-centric glory days – past, present, and future.

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Brett Michael Dykes (a.k.a. former Gawker blogger The Cajun Boy) kicked off the series with an intimately funny, retrospective personal essay about his glory days in Little League that highlighted the emotional and nostalgic aspects of what it really means to commit yourself to a game, a team, a coach, etc. His story was followed by noted sports psychologist Dr. John F. Murray’s exploration of the challenges of developing a winning mentality, and tips that offered readers advice on how to motivate themselves towards success.

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